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1. Tevye's Daughters

  • Genres: Comedy
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Tevye's Daughters

It is the early 20th century. Tevye the Dairyman lives in a small village in Ukraine. He is poor and believes that his daughters have one chance to escape poverty – a successful marriage. Tevye accepts a profitable proposition from a matchmaker, but his beautiful daughters have a different plan.

2. Tevye and His Seven Daughters

  • Genres: Drama
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Tevye and His Seven Daughters

Russia, 1905. Tuvia is the only Jew living in the village of Antevka. He is very poor but things change when, as a token of gratitude for a service rendered, he is given a cow and some food. Now, his wife, his seven daughters and himself have access to a better life. Tuvia sells his milk and his butter. Moreover, he is now able to give his daughters a dowry and marry them. But you can't buy happiness...